логоNEWProject relevance:

  • More than 80% of information a person receives through sight. But the fact is that there is no a qualitative visual culture in Russia.
  • Orphans, children with disabilities and children in hospitals need to get creative, psychological and socio-cultural rehabilitation not less than healthy children. The fact is that inRussiathere is no such rehabilitation for children.

Our point of view:

We believe that every child is talented from birth. He should have a possibility to discover the talent and creativity independently on social status and material means.

Our goals:

  • To integrate orphans and children with disabilities in regular peer environment, to enhance their self-appraisal and to assist them in adaption period in the society.
  • To satisfy visual insufficiency, to develop imagination and creativity of children.
  • To create an alternative to pastime outdoors.
  • To support orphans –the graduates of boarding schools in career counseling and to acquire skills in photography.

Our plan:

  • To arrange regular lessons for children on the basics of photography and provide them with necessary equipment.
  • To invite both professional photographers and amateur for the education of children.
  • To combine education with entertainments where children could make shots and receive impressions.
  • To organize the annual children competition “The world through children’s perception” and to expose the best works on the exhibitions ofRussiaand other countries.

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